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Upgrading Traditional Industry to a New Stage of Intelligence

With the development of the economy and society,the demand for archival information from all walks of life is increasing,and the requirements for archival information are becoming more diverse.The exchange of archival information between various social classes and departments is also becoming more frequent,and people are eager to enjoy convenient archival information services anytime and anywhere without leaving their homes.It is urgent to establish a platform for archival information exchange between archival management departments,in order to achieve the sharing of archival information resources between archives.

The intelligent reagent cabinet is a new type of intelligent management equipment that combines RFID technology with an intelligent reagent management system.It consists of hardware and software,and can achieve the management of reagent outbound,inbound,temperature and humidity monitoring,abnormal intelligent alarm,double person and double lock,etc.At the same time,these processes are fully recorded in the system database,which is convenient,fast,and improves work efficiency.

The intelligent reagent cabinet has excellent capacity space and is designed with movable layers.The sealing effect of the internal space is very good,which can effectively prevent dust from entering.Therefore,there is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning,which can save the work time of the custodian and allow the administrator to focus on other valuable work.Administrators can quickly find the required reagents through online management,improving work efficiency.

The characteristics of RFID:

1.Comprehensive perception capability,the Industrial internet of things uses radio frequency identification,sensor and other technologies;

2.Group readable,not limited by size or shape;

3.Strong anti pollution ability.RFID has strong resistance to substances such as water,oil,and chemicals;

4.Reusable.RFID tags can be added,modified,and deleted repeatedly to facilitate data updates;

5.Strong penetration and accessible reading.Data interaction ability,transmitting device information through network connection;

6.The data has large memory capacity and strong data processing ability.Cloud computing,Cloud storage and other technologies are used to analyze and process the data to obtain useful information;

Visual intelligent reagent cabinet

7.With strong security and automatic maintenance capability,each link of the Industrial internet of things must provide data for the system.Data errors in one link will lead to problems in the whole system,so a perfect Industrial internet of things needs to have the ability of automatic maintenance.

The automated and intelligent Industrial internet of things has greatly improved the work efficiency through the combination of Internet of Things,artificial intelligence,Big data and other technologies,upgraded the traditional industry to a new stage of intelligence,and created a new type of network infrastructure for the comprehensive interconnection of people,machines and things.

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