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Functions of laboratory safety cabinet

Laboratory safety cabinet is a kind of safety protection articles for storing various productive or living substances.Different types of chemicals and reagents may be used at the work site,so different types of safety cabinets are required for storage.Different types of chemicals are used in chemical production enterprises,laboratories,medical institutions and other places,so different safety reagent cabinets are required for storage.

Functional characteristics of laboratory safety cabinet:

1.The air curtain isolation design prevents internal and external cross contamination.The air flow is 70%discharged and 30%circulated internally.The negative pressure is vertical laminar flow.

2.Moving the glass door up and down,it can be positioned at will,easy to operate,and can be completely closed for sterilization.The positioning height limit alarm prompts.

3.The power output socket in the working area is equipped with waterproof socket and sewage discharge interface to provide great convenience for the operator.

4.A special filter is set at the exhaust to control the emission pollution.

5.The working environment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel,which is smooth,seamless and free of dead corners.It can be easily and thoroughly disinfected,and can prevent corrosion of corrosives and disinfectants.

6.LED LCD panel is used for control.

7.Equipped with high efficiency filter failure alarm function.

8.Airflow outflow alarm in the working area.

9.The 10°inclination angle conforms to the human design concept.

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