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Intelligent ventilated reagent cabinet

Development trend of intelligent ventilated reagent cabinet:

The integrated control system of the main cabinet,finger vein scanning,barcode scanning and other units can manage the operators,reagent information,and cabinet information system to form a complete reagent information management system,which can realize the safety management of reagents,and is suitable for high-end laboratories with complete reagent information management.

Classification of fume hoods for laboratories

Classification of ventilation:ventilated cabinet and non ventilated cabinet.

The ventilation type can also be divided into the built-in ventilation type and the external ventilation type.

Ventilated reagent cabinet is a large equipment in laboratory,especially in chemical laboratory.The purpose is to reduce the exposure of the experimenter to harmful gases.Ventilation is a primary barrier to protect personnel from toxic chemical smoke,thus protecting staff and laboratory environment.

Selection of fume hoods in general laboratories and other places

During the laboratory construction,the selection of fume hood and the determination of its installation position require the selection of fume hood type,material,shape,etc.according to the experimental content,which is usually considered.

Drugs used:When using organic substances or other special reagents for experiments,full consideration should be given to their control of wind speed.

When there are radioactive substances or perchloric acid and other experiments:special fume hood shall be selected,and its inlet air speed must be set to be greater than 0.5m/s.

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When using large equipment for experiments:the effective size of the interior shall be considered to leave necessary space for ventilation.

Heat resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance:some fume hoods need to be equipped with electric furnaces,and some experiments produce a lot of poisonous and harmful gases such as acid and alkali,which are extremely corrosive.The worktop,lining plate,side plate,water valve and air valve of the fume hood shall have anti-corrosion function.

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