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Key points for use of intelligent reagent management cabinet

The intelligent reagent management cabinet is an intelligent device for chemical storage and management based on RFID/barcode technology.It can effectively monitor the reagent status information in the cabinet and record the reagent use information;Video linkage records operation behavior.

The intelligent reagent cabinet effectively solves the problem of storing reagents in the original traditional cabinet through RFID technology.It can be unattended for 24 hours.Users can take and take the chemical reagents automatically recorded by the system at any time.People without permission can't touch the chemical reagents.It can prevent others from claiming and irregular operation.Managers can authorize remotely to learn about the use of dangerous chemicals in real time.Through the intelligent reagent management cabinet,the use status of controlled reagents and relevant user information can be known in real time.The weighing system of the intelligent reagent management cabinet can also obtain the weight information of chemicals.

The main points for attention in using the intelligent reagent management cabinet are as follows:

1.The storage principle can refer to the Table of Taboos for Storage of Common Hazardous Chemicals.

2.After the hazardous chemicals are warehoused,they shall be recorded and filled in timely to ensure that the accounts,tables and materials are consistent.

3.The chemicals shall not be placed too high or too wide,and shall be stable and orderly for checking.

4.The solid and liquid should be stored separately.If they are in the same reagent cabinet,the liquid should be placed in the lower layer.

5.Volatile corrosive gas shall be placed in the cabinet.The upper layer shall be convenient for discharge

6.Stacking,opening,label falling off or blurring are strictly prohibited,and expired drugs shall be cleaned in time.

7.Corrosion solvent shall be equipped with tray type secondary leakage protection container.

8.Place a liquid container under the leakage hole at the bottom of the cabinet to prevent the dangerous reagent liquid from overturning or the reagent bottle from breaking.

9.Yellow sand with a height of about 120mm shall be laid on the bottom layer of the cabinet to bury flammable and explosive(white phosphorus,metal sodium,etc.)reagent bottles.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-3000

10.The chemicals shall be classified and stored according to the chemical properties such as highly toxic,flammable,explosive,toxic,corrosive,oxidizing,reducing,etc.,and the Chemical Inventory Classification Registration Form shall be filled out and posted at the obvious place outside the cabinet door.Do not mix them.

11.The storage area of hazardous chemicals shall be provided with safety signs.

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