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Main uses of intelligent reagent cabinet

Main uses of intelligent reagent cabinet:

As the control core of reagent management,the central control platform is responsible for recording and updating the reagent information in the system.The system's warehousing,outbound,return,query and exception handling can all pass through the central control platform.The main control computer of the platform carries the interactive software and database of the reagent management cabinet,realizing the functions of man-machine information transmission,peripheral hardware control and database update,and expanding the reagent warehouse for effective management of inbound and outbound.

Advantages of intelligent reagent cabinet system

Say goodbye to the original manual management means and the traditional barcode scanning in and out management scheme.In a sense,it realizes fool management,automatic recording and supervision.The advantages are as follows:

1.Storage:It has passed the fire protection certification.The cabinet body is reinforced with two layers of steel plates of more than 1.2mm.The equipment warehouse and storage space are completely isolated.Each storage space has a pressure relief port with a diameter of 6cm on both sides,and the interior is sealed with PP corrosion resistant materials.

2.Permission control:The cabinet door can only be opened after two people have passed the permission authentication(and one is the administrator).The video can be shot and saved at the moment of opening the door for later traceability.

3.Ventilation and filtration:air vent and explosion-proof fan are reserved at the top,which can be connected to the air vent;At the same time,the space required by the filtering system is reserved.

4.Informatization:The Internet of Things technology is used to monitor the information,weight,quantity and status of hazardous chemicals in the cabinet,and automatically generate an account.

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Intelligent reagent cabinet is a reagent information management system based on intelligent hardware platform.The cabinet integrates functions such as internal circulation filtration and odor removal,compressor direct cooling temperature control(non-standard configuration),CCD barcode recognition and multi-point touch control;It can bind personnel and reagent information with one-dimensional barcode and enter them into the system to form a complete reagent information database;The data were classified,counted and screened,which opened a new mode of reagent storage and management.

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