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Tubeless clean air ventilation cabinet is more environmentally friendly and healthy

The tubeless clean air ventilation cabinet adopts high-efficiency filters,and filter modules with different configurations are prepared according to the different types of drugs stored by customers.Effective filtration can be carried out for organic solvents,volatile inorganic acid gas volatiles,etc.,with a filtration efficiency of 99.995%.

The clean air ventilation cabinet does not require external pipes,and the top comes with a fan and filter.Turn on the switch and the fan operates to create negative pressure inside the cabinet,ensuring that chemicals do not overflow.The main wind direction is from bottom to top,so that all the air inside the cabinet is filtered through the filter,and clean air is discharged from the top exhaust outlet.At the same time,the tubeless clean air ventilation cabinet is known as the"green ventilation cabinet",which has two prominent advantages:

1.Indoor air is not discharged,thereby saving a lot of energy consumption.

2.Not polluting the environment.

The operation carried out inside a clean air type fume hood typically has an average lifespan of 1 year for the filter,and the annual cost of the filter consumed is 1/10 of the annual energy consumption wasted by the exhaust fume hood.

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However,the important prerequisite for using a clean air type fume hood is that such products must comply with relevant standards,and safety standards have strict regulations on important parameters such as wind speed,leakage concentration,filtration efficiency,and filter adsorption capacity in the user information manual.

Beijing Jingpin Saisi can customize a tubeless clean air ventilation cabinet and create a reagent cabinet that meets your requirements according to your specific needs.

In today's situation of energy scarcity,severe air pollution,and increasing harm to people's health,energy-saving,healthy,and environmentally friendly tubeless clean air ventilation cabinets will undoubtedly become one of the main protective tools for future chemical laboratories.

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