Medicine storage cabinet

Overview of PP reagent cabinet

Overview of PP reagent cabinet.Different types of chemicals need to be used in the laboratory, so it is necessary to select the qualified storage cabinet according to the characteristics of the chemical, PP cabinet is specially designed for the stora

Intelligent reagent cabinet

Intelligent reagent cabinet based on the Internet of Things and biometric technology, through one thing one "code", to achieve identity verification, access to the cabinet automatic inventory, remote inventory and other functions, providing a simple,

RFID intelligent reagent cabinet

RFID intelligent reagent cabinet,RFID lab intelligent reagent cabinet,There are so many reagents in the laboratory, which also includes some toxic volatile reagents that are harmful to the human body. When stored in the traditional reagent cabinet

laboratory reagent cabinet

laboratory reagent cabinet,The storage environment of laboratory reagents should be safe and stable. First, the reagent should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place. Humidity can cause the decomposition or crystallization of the reagent, reducing