Standard medicine cabinet JPG-600

Standard medicine cabinet JPG-600

Standard medicine cabinet JPG-600,FRID intelligent standard medicine cabinet product explanation bei jing jing pin

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Standard medicine cabinet JPG-600

Exterior size:680*570*1640mm

Display:12.1 inch capacitive touch screen

Camera:built-in camera

Identification system:Finger vein recognition,barcode recognition,fingerprint recognition(optional)

Capacity:323 L

Number of drawers:5

Drug storage:600 box

In traditional hospitals,the basic facilities such as face serials of issues such as limited medicine cabinets can not meet huge demands,and poor storage environment,which led to the disorder of drug placement and incomplete classification of drugs,and failure to achieve warehousing management and outbound information statistical analysis;the pharmacy staff's work information and authority management could not be controlled,so as to prevent other personnel from entering and leaving the pharmacy at will;the temperature control and humidity of the pharmacy were not automatically adjusted,so the drugs could not be guaranteed product storage quality and other issues.

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Standard medicine cabinet JPG-600

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