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Selection of biological safety cabinets

  Selection of biological safety cabinets
  The biological safety cabinet is an air purification device that provides a local dust-free and sterile working environment,and can artificially control the discharge of the polluted air in the working area through a special filter channel to avoid harm to people and the environment.Microbial clean bench.It can also be used in biological laboratories,medical and health care,biopharmaceuticals and other related industries,and has good effects on improving process conditions and protecting the health of operators.The performance advantages of biological safety cabinets are very obvious,they are loved by users,and are widely used in microbiology and bioengineering and places where they have harsh requirements on the environment.work environment.
  In order to ensure the safety of staff when handling infectious experimental materials such as primary cultures,bacterial strains and diagnostic specimens,biological safety cabinets play a greater role.With the rapid development of the biomedical industry,the demand for biosafety cabinets is increasing,and more and more pharmaceutical companies use biosafety cabinets to achieve stable and high-quality testing and production.
  The choice of biological safety cabinet
  When purchasing a biological safety cabinet,it should be considered whether the biological protection provided is for the individual operator or for the experimental sample;if the protection for the operator is against pathogenic microorganisms or against toxic chemicals or both,it should be clear.For pathogenic microorganisms,the biological hazards of microorganisms should also be emphasized;for toxic chemical substances,the following principles can be used:No volatile or toxic chemical substances are operated in industrial-grade or Class II-type A biological safety cabinets.The Class II B1 type biological safety cabinet can only be used for the operation of a small amount of volatile or toxic chemical substances.If the biological safety cabinet is to carry out the operation of quantitative volatile or toxic chemical substances,the Class II B2 type biological safety cabinet must be use

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