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RFID Intelligent lab chemical reagent cabinet features

RFID Intelligent lab chemical reagent cabinet features: Free combination

According to the actual demand, the main control cabinet system can be used alone or as a main control cabinet to combine multiple auxiliary cabinets to save money and expand space.

Reagent  cabinet Combination

RFID Intelligent lab chemical reagent cabinet features: Customizable modules

In order to meet the needs of different types of laboratories, users can customize the required models according to different solutions. We offer different models, such as standard, basic, exhaust, reinforced, and refrigerated. Each type can also add different optional expansion functions, such as camera system, UPS power supply, single management module,weighing system, built-in bracket, mobile app software, small bottle bracket, intelligent positioning layer board, facial recognition system External bracket.

Reagent  cabinet modules

RFID Intelligent lab chemical reagent cabinet features: Multi platform management

Chemical reagents are an important hidden danger in laboratory safety management, but most laboratories are unable to achieve professional management of reagents. In order to help customers achieve intelligent control of reagent information, Jingpin has developed"Reagent Safety Management System V1.0" and" Intelligent Reagent Mobile Phone Management System V10.0" and obtained national software copyright through the efforts of research and development personnel. We have achieved intelligent, precise, and safe management of laboratory chemicals.

reagent cabinet multi platform management

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