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RFID Reagent Cabinets Realizes Several Super-practical Functions

RFID Reagent Cabinets Realizes Several Super-practical Functions

1.Intelligent Access and Real-time Inventory

After the items are applied for through the task sheet,the person with authority can open the cabinet door,the system will automatically identify,compare the task information,and generate data to upload to the background if it meets.Support multiple access authentication opening modes.Support two-person authentication opening,support remote authorization opening.This prevents unauthorized users from touching chemical reagents.Intelligent inventory of items can be achieved through the built-in UHF reader and writer terminal,and the data can be updated to the background in real time.At the same time,the background data can be checked and verified one by one.

2.Real-time monitoring and intelligent alarm

Combining the automatic trigger scanning of the door switch with the regular scanning,we can grasp the real-time situation of the goods and the process of storage and removal.The high-definition day and night camera in the cabinet can take full automatic photographs,such as the mismatch between the items and the task list,the disconnection of the network,the time-out without closing the door,the abnormal opening of the cabinet door or the insufficient stock of the goods,and alarm when the information is pushed to the background.

3.Information Recording and Precision Weighing System

In normal process,the system generates records after users take away the items.The contents of the records are time,place,personnel,item information and so on.The information can be summarized in tabular form.The equipment also includes a weighing system with RFID function.It can be selected by using multiple precision weighing modules,and the management system is connected to carry out reagent consumption statistics.

4.Fan filter,safe and reliable

When the concentration of harmful gases exceeds the standard,the RFID Cabinets will automatically filter the exhaust air,and support the fan exhaust air,and support the activated carbon filtering function.

The RFID Cabinets can not only check the information of items in real time,but also record the information of access and personnel acquisition in real time,clearly understand the inventory status of each intelligent cabinet,automatically record the records of items removed or returned from inventory,and record the information of the users,so as to realize visual management.The RFID Cabinets simplifies the procedures of accessing and accessing items,dynamically grasps the distribution and use of items,thus shortening the circulation cycle of items and improving the utilization rate of chemical reagents.Intelligent cabinet can not only reduce the work intensity of managers,but also reduce the loss of items and optimize the operation cost of enterprises.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-3000MAX

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