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RFID reagent cabinet superiority

RFID reagent cabinet superiority

The RFID Cabinets uses the technology of RFID Internet of Things to identify each chemical reagent embedded with RFID electronic tag,and real-time monitor the information of items in the cabinet through the internal of the cabinet for the RFID monitoring system.

RFID Reagent Cabinets determines user information by fingerprint or personnel card.Visual system will take the initiative to prevent others from stealing personnel card and fingerprint information at the moment when the user opens the door.When the user takes away any reagent,the system will automatically identify,compare the task list information,generate data to upload to the background if it meets,alarm if the items and task list do not match,and push the information to the administrator’s mailbox and mobile phone at the same time.

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RFID Cabinets helps enterprises deploy and manage intelligent chemical reagents flexibly,safely and cheaply.

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