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RFID intelligent shelf

RFID intelligent shelves are shelves that apply RFID technology to traditional shelves,which can achieve information and intelligent management of items on shelves,thereby achieving information and intelligent management of items in and out of warehouses.

RFID intelligent shelves are suitable for situations where there are shelves in warehouses and items need to be managed.They can be used in warehouses of units,companies,construction sites,and hotel cargo rooms without the need for manual inventory,administrator,or dedicated personnel to monitor the warehouse.They do not require manual registration of outbound and inbound item information,solving the problem of automatic inventory,search,and picking of warehouse items Automatic identification and recording of outbound and inbound goods,combined with warehouse access control and binding of user information,automatically identifies changes in item quantity information as long as there are people entering or leaving,and the system automatically records complete outbound and inbound information with corresponding characters.The records are automatically saved to reduce item loss and facilitate the use and management of stored goods.

RFID smart shelf

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