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RFID Chemicals Management Solution-intelligent reagent cabinet

RFID Chemicals Management Solution-RFID intelligent reagent cabinet

Industry Background

In the era of rapid development of science and technology,the demand of scientific experiment is growing.In universities,research institutes,hospitals,chemical plants,many places are equipped with laboratories.

However,many chemicals have flammable,explosive,corrosive and other dangerous characteristics.Any carelessness is extremely easy to cause laboratory accidents,which may lead to heavy economic loss,or even casualties.

In recent years,chemicals accidents are increasing.Among the accident causes,the storage and use of hazardous chemicals accounted for 75.2%

In order to reduce and avoid chemical accidents,scientific hazardous chemicals management is essential.

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·Chemicals Management Painpoints

a、Manual Operation Missing:

Manual inventory is a complicated work.It will easily cause mistakes when scanning and recording the chemicals manually,and lower the accuracy of chemicals management.

b、Traditional Barcode Limitation:

Traditional Barcode or QR code easily get broken,dirty,or even peeled off.

Low scanning efficiency.

c、Unable to realize Real-time Detection

Administrator cannot realize a real-time inventory checking for the chemicals.He is not able to know it in time,whether the chemicals is overtime borrowing.

d、Inventory Control Difficulty:

The chemicals may be placed in several different rooms.It is hard to track the inventory information,consumption,and usage.

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