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RFID Smart Hazardous Chemicals Cabinet

How does our solution work?

Using RFID technology,put the chemicals with RFID tags into the specially customized cabinet,which is equipped with RFID reader and antennas,to realize the functions of fast borrowing,returning,weighing,and inventory management of chemicals.

◆Solution Procedures

◆RFID Smart Hazardous Chemicals Cabinet

◆Support Various Login Method:

IC card,finger pring,face recognition.Double-user login is required,to ensure the chemicals is borrowed under administrator’s permission.

◆RFID Smart Inventory:

Fast and automated inventory checking.Scan hundreds of chemicals in 2-3 seconds.

◆Monitor Camera:

Realize 24-hour unattended management.Provide with video evidence to any improper operation

◆Multi Sensor:

Equipped with all-in-one sensor for temperature,humidity,TVOC.......

Semi-transparent intelligent reagent cabinet

◆Remote Inventory:

Administrator can remotely check all the cabinet status and chemicals information.

◆Smart Weighing Platform

Smart Weighing Platform is integrated with high-precision electronic scale,all-in-one reader,barcode scanner.

Check the chemicals information in multi ways to ensure it is the correct chemicals.

If any unweighted chemicals is put into the cabinet,the system will alarm and notify the administrator.

·Industry Value

a、Realize the smart management of hazardous chemicals,making the chemicals controllable and traceable.

b、Real time tracking avoids potential security risk caused by improper chemicals management.

c、Automated chemicals borrowing and returning management,greatly improves the efficiency.

d、Security.Responsibility traceable.Avoid disputes.Reduce the accidents and the loss of assets.

e、Generate chemicals inventory reports in real-time in the background system

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