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Principles of RFID Intelligent Drug Cabinet

  Principles of RFID Intelligent Drug Cabinet
  As an important product developed in the field of artificial intelligence medicine,RFID intelligent medicine cabinet has launched solutions for managing high-value consumables,valuable medical assets,and dangerous drugs in the medical industry,bringing high value-added products to busy medical institutions and tense doctor-patient relationships.
  The RFID intelligent drug cabinet uses RFID technology to embed RFID electronic tags for identity recognition of each required management tool.The inside of the cabinet is monitored in real-time by the RFID monitoring system for item information.By using fingerprints or personnel cards to determine user information,the visual system will actively capture and prevent others from stealing personnel cards and fingerprint information when the user opens the door.If the user takes any items,the system will automatically identify and compare the task order information.If it matches,data will be generated and uploaded to the backend.If the items taken do not match the task order,an alarm will be triggered,and the information will be pushed to the administrator's email and mobile phone.
  The intelligent management software for RFID intelligent reagent cabinets-in stock reagent interface:can view,add,retrieve,set permissions,print labels,and other operations related to reagent management.
  Several ways to add reagents to the RFID intelligent reagent cabinet software system
  1.Adding reagents:Most universities and laboratories have their own hazardous chemical procurement platforms,where they can apply for and purchase reagents.A better way is to directly connect the reagent information to the intelligent reagent cabinet system,saving a lot of time;
  a.System docking-relatively easy to choose;
  b.Manually adding a single reagent-with fewer quantities and types of hazardous chemicals;
  c.Excel import-a large number and variety of hazardous chemicals;
  2.Permission definition:As long as the reagent location is defined,it can only be placed in a certain cabinet door(multiple door cabinets)
  RFID intelligent reagent cabinet software system backend
  After entering the system,the reagents can be placed in the RFID intelligent reagent cabinet without the need for manual scanning;The cabinet will automatically identify reagent flow information and record personnel,time,and location(cabinet),generating electronic records.


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