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Precautions for the use of intelligent reagent management cabinets

Intelligent safety management cabinet is an RFID based intelligent device for chemical storage and management,which can effectively monitor the status information of reagents inside the cabinet and record the usage of reagents.By using RFID technology,the drawbacks of traditional operations can be effectively solved,and unmanned personnel can be on duty 24/7.The system allows personnel to freely access and place chemical reagents for automatic recording,making it impossible for unauthorized personnel to access chemical reagents.This eliminates the phenomenon of unauthorized claims and irregular operations by others.Through the intelligent reagent management cabinet,real-time information on the use of controlled reagents and related user information can be obtained,At the same time,the intelligent reagent management cabinet weighing system can obtain information such as chemical weight.

Precautions for using the intelligent reagent management cabinet:

1.The storage principle shall be implemented in accordance with the"Taboos for Storage of Commonly Used Hazardous Chemicals".

2.When hazardous chemicals enter the warehouse,they should be promptly stored to ensure that the accounts match.

3.The placement of chemicals should not be too high or too wide,making them firm and tidy for easy counting and inspection.

4.Solids and liquids should be stored separately.If placed in the same reagent cabinet,the liquid needs to be placed in the lower layer.

5.Volatile corrosive gases should be placed inside the cabinet.The upper layer is used for discharge.

6.It is prohibited to stack,place with openings,drop or blur labels,etc.Expired drugs should be cleaned in a timely manner.

7.The corrosive solvent should have a tray type secondary leakage protection container.

8.Place the liquid container under the leakage hole at the bottom of the cabinet to prevent the hazardous reagent liquid from being knocked over or the reagent bottle from being crushed for liquid collection.

All steel reagent cabinet

9.Hazardous chemical storage areas should be equipped with safety signs.

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