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PP reagent cabinet

PP reagent cabinet Introduction:

The cabinet is made of 8mm thick porcelain white PP board and seamlessly welded by PP welding rods of the same color and material,which greatly strengthens the structural firmness of the cabinet and effectively reduces the deformation of the cabinet due to thermal expansion and contraction.The PP material has the characteristics of resistance to strong acid,strong alkali and corrosion.lt is safe to store some acid-base reagents and medicines.The laminate is made of 8mm thick high-quality pure PP board and is seamlessly welded by the same color and homogeneous welding rod.There are verticaledges around,and the vertical edges are integrally welded to form.The overall design is movable.lt can be taken out and placed in a suitable compartment for free combination.The front and back of the laminate can be placed,and a certain degree of anti-overflow effect can be obtained from the surrounding standing edges.

PP reagent cabinet Features:

*The upper and lower cabinets are each equipped with a movable shelf,and customers can freely adjust the height of each layer according to their needs.

*The door is equipped with blue acid and alkali resistant PP double lock handle,which has good corrosion resistance.

*The door hinge is made of blue acid and alkali resistant PP material,which has good corrosion resistance.

*The upper and lower door panels are equipped with acid and alkali resistant PP pins and bumpers of the same color and quality,which has good corrosion resistance.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-3000

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