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Laboratory Chemical Reagent Storage Cabinet Product introduction

Laboratory Chemical Reagent Storage Cabinet Product introduction:

Laboratory Chemical Reagent Storage Cabinet complies standard of self purification exhaust cabinet without air duct standards.This product is suitable for small and medium-sized chemical experiments and the storage and use of chemicals,especially corrosive chemicals in the building room.The medicine cabinet itself is equipped with a fan and filters and adsorbs the air pollutants generated during the storage of chemicals,The concentration of air pollutants can be reduced to an appropriate range,so that the discharged air flow can circulate indoors.All steel structure,12.1-inch touch screen display.It is a cost-effective laboratory self purification drug storage cabinet.

Laboratory Chemical Reagent Storage Cabinet System functions:

1.Main material of cabinet body:Stainless steel material,;high-strength and corrosion-resistant material,.Display:12.1 inch capacitive touch screen.

2.VOC real-time online monitoring of emission gas data,real-time monitoring and display of temperature and humidity data,the screen displays on/off lights,alarm status,fan on status,current operation time,total operation time,setting functions,etc.

3.The use of high-quality silent brushless fan does not produce heat and electric spark,and the comprehensive service life is more than 60000 hours.

5.The filtration system is arranged and distributed according to the particle size,which is effective for acid gas and organic gas and has strong adsorption capacity.

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