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Intelligent reagent cabinets can effectively solve the problem of difficult management of traditional reagents

In recent years,there has been a high incidence of dangerous accidents caused by improper management of reagents,with fire and explosion accidents accounting for more than half of safety accidents.The safety of reagent management has attracted the attention of many supervisory departments and managers.The problem is as follows:

1、Extensive management

1.Use manual recording method for access

2.Unable to distinguish management personnel permissions

3.Unable to obtain corresponding inventory information

4.Actual requisition cannot be accurately traced

2、Safety hazards

1.Unable to monitor storage conditions in real-time

2.Unclear storage taboos for reagents

3.Ignoring the hazards of reagents and emergency measures

4.Reagent cabinet storage

5.Lack of safety management plan

Faced with such a complex reagent management situation,traditional management models are no longer able to cope with the rapidly developing material management needs.Therefore,information management,especially reagent safety information management,is an urgent task.

In response to these practical management challenges,an RFID intelligent reagent cabinet has been launched to manage the entire life cycle of reagents,ensuring that each bottle of reagents has a track to follow.The reagent cabinet product is composed of software and hardware as a whole,using RFID chip storage technology and RFID wireless radio frequency technology to collect and manage reagents in the reagent cabinet through signal collection of electronic label information.

The product binds reagent information with RFID tags,accurately locates the status of reagents in and out of the layer through radio frequency signals,and automatically recognizes the status of reagents in and out of the warehouse,forming a complete reagent collection information database,achieving unmanned and precise management,automated management of reagent collection and return,and forming a complete reagent storage and usage information database.

RFID reagent cabinets are mainly launched for industries such as healthcare,education,chemistry,and chemical engineering that require the management of regulated hazardous chemicals.RFID technology effectively solves the drawbacks of traditional operations,enabling 24-hour unmanned operation.Users can access chemical reagents at any time and the system can automatically record them.Unauthorized individuals cannot touch chemical/medical reagents,preventing unauthorized claims and irregular operations.Managers can remotely authorize and understand the use of hazardous chemicals in real-time.

The intelligent reagent management cabinet allows for real-time understanding of the usage status of controlled reagents and relevant user information.The weighing system of the intelligent reagent management cabinet can also obtain chemical weight information,and integrates multiple sensors internally to ensure the stable operation of the entire system  The laboratory is the base for teaching and research activities in universities,and the main battlefield for cultivating innovative talents.Scientific research activities are highly exploratory,uncertain,and interdisciplinary.In addition,laboratory personnel mobility is high,safety knowledge and skills and safety awareness are uneven,and there are many hazard,posing challenges to laboratory safety management.The management of chemicals has always been a key and challenging aspect of laboratory safety management.

Advantages of intelligent reagent cabinets:

1.Multiple personnel permission assignments such as facial recognition,finger vein recognition,and swiping passwords.

2.Large touch screen,dual person dual lock intelligent anomaly warning.

3.Scan records of inbound and outbound requisitions,and export real-time inventory flow information.

4.Real time monitoring of humidity;24-hour mobile detection.

5.Special activated carbon internal circulation adsorption filtration.

6.Radio frequency identification,positioning to holes,and automatic door closing inventory;Blind acquisition and release,automatic memory;Full process control of data,etc.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-show

Intelligent reagent cabinets can effectively solve the problem of difficult management of traditional reagents:

1.Difficulty in personnel management;Difficult to control the use of personnel and items,lack of identity information,do not know who took what,what was used,and whether it meets the requirements of"double person and double lock".

2.High management costs;Fixed personnel are required for management,inventory,and liquidation.Each item collection requires a dedicated person to be present.

3.Difficulty in checking ledger;Difficulty in ledger accounting,inaccurate data correction,and easy damage to paper records.

4.Low data accuracy;Every time the data is collected and consumed,it is prone to errors,and it is difficult to control whether it is weighed,resulting in low data accuracy.

5.Missing alarm and warning;Abnormal behavior,substandard storage environment requirements,illegal operations,low inventory,and other abnormal situations,lacking means of alarm and early warning.

In recent years,the rapid development of the Internet,the Internet of Things,big data,and artificial intelligence has influenced and changed the forms of education and management methods.More and more laboratories are applying information technology to laboratory safety management,and the safety management of regulated chemicals is expected to become a new highland for this application.Explore the application of the Internet and information technology in chemical safety management,promote standardization and informatization of chemical management,achieve safer and more efficient chemical management,and solve the key and difficult points of laboratory safety management.

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