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Intelligent reagent cabinet

It is a filtered reagent cabinet that contains key functions to maintain air-tightness and safely store reagents. As an option depending on the use of acid or alkali chemicals,the appropriate filter can be applied,and the internal materials can be selected.The front air curtain function prevents the chemical from leaking out.

It is equipped with filters and ion clusters with 95.5% harmful gas removal rate.It has an effective purification function with filtering system that can remove germs and odors.

It has an air-circulation structure for removing harmful gases and odors,and it has increased durability by applying internal materials to stainless steel or polypropylene depending on the drug use.

Air curtain

It prevents the leakage of harmful gas and odor from the test site by operating an air curtain that automatically blocks the front when the door is opened.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-3000MAX

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