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Intelligent reagent cabinet opens a new mode of reagent management

Intelligent reagent cabinets are mainly launched for industries such as healthcare,education,and chemical engineering that require the management of regulated hazardous chemicals.The RFID technology effectively solves the drawbacks of traditional operations,allowing for 24-hour unmanned access.Users can access chemical reagents at any time,and unauthorized personnel cannot touch them,preventing others from falsely claiming and operating irregularly.The intelligent reagent cabinet allows for real-time understanding of the usage status and relevant user information of controlled reagents.The weighing system of the intelligent reagent management cabinet can also obtain weight information of controlled drugs,and integrates multiple sensors internally to ensure a more intelligent system.

With the increasing experimental volume and research and development needs,various laboratories are using chemical reagents more frequently,and the storage and control level of chemical reagents in laboratories is also increasing.Therefore,it is particularly important to choose intelligent reagent cabinets appropriately.

Several key points to pay attention to when selecting chemical reagent control:

1.Understand the contraindications of reagent compatibility:Check whether the chemical reagents placed in the same reagent cabinet meet the contraindications of reagent compatibility.According to the reagent compatibility rules,classify and store the required chemical reagents to avoid chemical accidents caused by disorderly storage of reagents;

2.Pay attention to volatile substances:When storing volatile substances,they should be sealed and kept away from heat sources to prevent accelerated evaporation due to heating;

3.Pay attention to the corrosiveness of chemical reagents:Corrosive chemicals have hazards such as corrosiveness,toxicity,flammability,and reactivity when exposed to water;

4.Pay attention to the storage conditions of chemical reagents:requirements for temperature,ventilation,open flames,and humidity.

The intelligent reagent cabinet has bid farewell to the original manual management methods and achieved automatic recording and supervision.As the control core of reagent management,the central control platform is responsible for recording and updating reagent information within the system.The system's inbound,outbound,return,inventory check,and exception handling can all be processed through the central control platform.The main control computer of the platform carries the interactive software and database of the reagent management cabinet,achieving human-machine information transmission,peripheral hardware control,and database update functions.It can also expand the reagent warehouse for effective management of inbound and outbound.

Intelligent reagent cabinet

The main characteristics of theintelligent reagent cabinet are as follows:

1.Safety:anti-corrosion and explosion-proof design,complete with ventilation and alarm;

2.Efficient:Easy retrieval and return operation,automatic document generation;

3.Transparency:Clear and visible data,clear reagent accounts;

4.Multi scenario applicability:can be used in laboratories,warehouses,and open interfaces can also be connected to other business systems;

5.Customizable cabinet:Different sizes of explosion-proof,anti-corrosion,and refrigerated cabinets can be customized as needed.

Intelligent reagent cabinet is a reagent information management system based on intelligent hardware platform.The cabinet integrates functions such as internal circulation filtration and odor removal,compressor direct cooling temperature control(non-standard configuration),Palmar digital veins recognition and multi-point touch control;It is possible to bind personnel and reagent information with two-dimensional barcodes into the system,forming a complete reagent information database;And classification,statistics,and screening of data have opened up a new mode of reagent storage and management.

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