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If there is a problem with the experiment, we will help you

As a member of the laboratory,have you encountered the following problems with the management of reagents:the reagents are missing?Did someone take the reagent by mistake?When did the reagent expire?Is it inconvenient for your work to encounter situations where manual reports do not correspond?

In response to the common problems in laboratory area management,intelligent management has become an inevitable trend in laboratory development.Most laboratories are still under extensive management of reagent consumables,resulting in a large amount of waste of reagents.Unstandardized operational behavior is also very easy to cause safety accidents,especially for managers who cannot obtain detailed and accurate statistical reports in a timely and effective manner,and it is difficult to supervise the inbound and outbound processes,Tracing the source is even more difficult to trace.

Intelligent reagent cabinet-3000MAX

The JPG series of intelligent reagent safety management cabinets launched by Beijing Jingpin Saisi are based on intelligent hardware,namely reagent management cabinets.The intelligent reagent safety management system is responsible for recording and updating reagent information within the system.The system's inbound,outbound,return,inventory check,and exception handling can all go through the intelligent reagent safety management cabinet,achieving human-machine information transmission,peripheral hardware control,and database update functions.It can also expand the reagent warehouse for effective management of inbound and outbound operations.The system is equipped with a super large capacitive touch screen,which electronically manages reagent flow information through automated identification of personnel permission levels,achieving the ability to automatically monitor the entire process of reagent flow.It also has the ability to filter and remove odors,with multiple modules available,and a timely reminder of first in,first out.It meets the requirements of dual lock management,simplifying and visualizing cumbersome data,while also making it safer and more reliable.

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