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How to Choose a Chemical Reagent Cabinet Correctly in a Laboratory

With the continuous development of science and technology,the variety and usage of reagents are increasing day by day.The use and management of reagents are one of the factors that affect the quality of testing.Strengthening the standardized management of reagents is one of the important links to ensure the quality of testing,and it is also a comprehensive consideration for the safety and working environment of laboratory staff.Therefore,it is particularly important to choose the appropriate reagent cabinet.

1、Understand the contraindications of reagent compatibility

Check if the chemical reagents placed in the same reagent cabinet meet the compatibility taboos.According to the reagent compatibility rules,classify and store the required chemical reagents to avoid chemical accidents caused by disorderly storage of reagents.

2、Pay attention to volatile substances

According to the definition of the World Health Organization,compounds with a boiling point of 50-250℃have a saturated Vapor pressure of more than 133.32 Pa at room temperature,and a class of organic compounds that exist in the air as vapor at room temperature are volatile organic compounds(VOCs).According to their different chemical structures,they can be further divided into eight categories:alkanes,aromatics,olefins,halohydrocarbons,esters,aldehydes,ketones,and others.

In addition,some inorganic substances also have strong volatility,such as ammonia,concentrated hydrochloric acid,concentrated nitric acid,etc.When storing volatile substances,they should be sealed and kept away from heat sources to prevent accelerated evaporation due to heating.

3、Pay attention to the corrosiveness of chemical reagents

Corrosive chemicals have hazards such as corrosiveness,toxicity,flammability,and reactivity when exposed to water.According to the"Classification and Labeling of Commonly Used Hazardous Chemicals"(GB 13690-1992),corrosive chemicals refer to solid or liquid substances that can harm human tissues and cause damage to metals and other items.

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4、Pay attention to the requirements of chemical reagents for storage conditions

The safety management of hazardous chemicals is the top priority of laboratory safety management.In recent years,due to the frequent occurrence of safety accidents caused by hazardous chemicals,it is necessary to vigorously strengthen the safety management of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory.The level of daily management of hazardous chemicals will directly affect the physical health and life safety of laboratory staff.The current traditional methods of chemical management can no longer meet the needs of laboratory safety management.It has become an urgent task to achieve information,standardization,refinement,and intelligence management as soon as possible.

Intelligent reagent cabinets assist laboratories in efficiently managing hazardous chemicals,effectively warning,avoiding safety hazards,achieving multi-dimensional control,automation,and data intelligence,solving the problem of chemical management informatization from the source,achieving full lifecycle management of chemicals,automatically recording the entry and exit,collection,return,recycling,and scrapping of stored products,and all records can be traced to ensure laboratory safety,intelligence,and safety Efficient operational management.

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