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Functional characteristics of intelligent safety reagent management cabinet

The JPG-3000 series intelligent safety reagent management cabinet launched by Beijing Jingpin Saisi Technology Co.,Ltd.is a reagent information management system based on intelligent hardware platform.The product is composed of a main control cabinet system and an auxiliary cabinet combination.The main cabinet integrated control system,finger vein scanning,barcode scanning and other units can manage the operator,reagent information,and cabinet information system,forming a complete reagent information management system,which can achieve safe management of reagents and bring reagent management into the era of fully automated intelligent management.

Applicable scope:

Government,testing institutions,schools,enterprises and institutions,and other types of laboratories:Hospital Reagent Department;Units that require the storage of flammable,explosive,and toxic reagents.

Functional features:


1.Intelligent camera system;Unattended video surveillance can be achieved 24/7.

2.Barcode scanning recognition;No need for manual input or output,scanning the code can automatically record the incoming and outgoing items.

3.Finger vein recognition unlocking;Far superior to fingerprint recognition.


1.Anticorrosion,poisoning,and shock prevention;High quality steel plate architecture,specially designed activated carbon air filtration system.

2.Sound and light alarm system;Immediately trigger any abnormalities and provide early warning.

3.Double person double lock;Effectively addressing reagent safety management.


1.Large capacitive touch screen;Easy to operate facial cleanser with multiple expandable functions.

2.Mobile app software;You can remotely view the information inside the cabinet through your phone.

3.Free combination of main and auxiliary cabinets;A main control cabinet can be combined with multiple auxiliary cabinets,infinitely expanding and saving money and space.

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