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Creating a Smart Laboratory with Intelligent Reagent Cabinets

Hazardous chemicals have the potential to be flammable,explosive,toxic,and corrosive.Once improperly operated or neglected during their use,storage,and other processes,significant safety hazards will be buried.In the biochemical laboratories of schools,research institutions,and testing institutions,there is a great risk of various microbial pathogens,pathogens,and chemical drugs.Strict access management is a necessary measure.During the use of hazardous chemicals,many safety hazards may arise due to factors such as technology and manual operation,which poses certain challenges to the management of hazardous chemicals in university laboratories.

Ordinary reagent cabinets cannot achieve precise control of the storage environment,and there are problems such as cumbersome and error prone access registration procedures.In order to realize the effective storage and use tracking and traceability of reagents/samples,the intelligent reagent cabinet uses Internet of Things technology,RFID identification technology,etc.,to monitor the Internal environment of the reagent cabinet in real time,the quantity and weight of the article information,and automatically record the information such as the person taking the article,the time,and so on,so as to ensure the safe use of the article and tracking and traceability.

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The intelligent reagent cabinet utilizes RFID scanning modules,refrigeration and heating modules,cameras,touch screens,environmental monitoring sensors,and other equipment to connect the reagent cabinet,reagents,and personnel,forming a complete reagent management system.An intelligent reagent cabinet can control multiple sub cabinets with one main cabinet,and some reagent cabinets can also be equipped with weighing modules to achieve precise dosage management of reagents;It can also interface with the laboratory information management system,share data,and achieve intelligent management of laboratory reagents.

To meet the needs of laboratory reagent management,ensure the rational management and classification of purchased reagents and drugs,and improve the scientific management standards of reagents-laboratory material management system,smart laboratory comprehensive management platform,laboratory information management system(LIMS),and customized development of experimental simulation software,we provide you with various information management technologies and solutions suitable for the laboratory.

The laboratory material management system is a combination of RFID Super high frequency identification,inching technology and other advanced sensing and identification technologies into computer software technology to form a series of automatic equipment with intelligent control,providing users with a material management system in a variety of application scenarios.

By pasting QR codes,RFID and other information labels on chemical packaging,and utilizing technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things,the full cycle status of regulated chemicals can be tracked and controlled.At the same time,the intelligent terminal management system can real-time grasp the usage and inventory of controlled chemicals in different laboratories,forming accurate dynamic accounts,thereby eliminating hidden dangers caused by non-standard storage and use in laboratories.

The safety management of laboratory chemical reagents is a long and arduous task,and only by strictly managing chemical reagents can we ensure the smooth progress of experiments,which is also an important link in laboratory safety.

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