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Selection of corrosive chemical reagent cabinet

The management of corrosive chemicals has always been a headache for laboratory managers.Personnel control,reagent loss,deterioration,long storage time,and no record of receiving and using have always been difficult to solve the safety problems.So what kind of reagent cabinet is better for storing corrosive chemicals?Is there a safe and compliant product with professional control of hazardous chemicals?Next,we will explain the choice of corrosive chemical reagent cabinet for you.

Of course,the hazardous chemicals management reagent cabinet and the chemical whole-process management system integrate the application,supervision,application,review,warehousing,warehouse location management,standing book,early warning,notice and announcement,information query,etc.,and manage the whole process of chemicals from application to waste recycling and disposal,to ensure the safety management of laboratory chemicals.In particular,it is an important guarantee to control the flow management of reagents,such as highly toxic products,easy to make poison,and easy to make explosive,and it is also an important tool to control the inventory of laboratory reagents,and an important means of laboratory safety management.

Hardware part of corrosive chemical reagent cabinet:(part is optional)

1.According to the inspection requirements,the explosion-proof,mechanical,protective and impact of the cabinet body have passed the safety test.After 90 minutes of combustion,the temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 48°;

2.Single door design;

3.Cabinet material:all cabinets are made of grade 1 cold-rolled steel plate≥1.2mm,achieving explosion-proof effect.The cabinet body passed the explosion-proof test,and the mechanical,protective,impact and other aspects passed the test;

4.Internal coating:the internal and external surfaces are made of flame-retardant outdoor plastic powder coating mixed with epoxy and polyester fiber,with strong corrosion resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance;The coating process is safe and reliable,with strong adhesion,and even the concealed parts in the cabinet that cannot be touched will not be delaminated for a long time;

5.The cabinet body is equipped with an adjustable layer plate with a thickness of≥1.2mm rust-proof flowerless galvanized layer,which can weigh more than 120KG and is not easy to deform;The galvanized coating of the laminate significantly improves the corrosion resistance of the laminate;

6.Welding process:the cabinet body adopts the full welding process,and there is no obvious welding spot on the surface,and there is no hidden danger of paint peeling and cabinet rusting caused by corrosion at the welding spot,with longer service life and better safety protection performance;

7.Hinge:The hinge shall be stainless steel piano hinge to ensure that the door can open 180 degrees.;

8.Electric control lock:the cabinet is equipped with electric plug lock and mechanical lock;

9.At least 50mm thick leakage tank is reserved at the bottom layer inside the cabinet;

10.Both sides of the cabinet body are equipped with double air holes for fire prevention and avoidance devices;

11.Equipped with intelligent exhaust fan:

Visual intelligent reagent cabinet

12.Temperature,humidity and VOC sensor control alarm device:①high sensitivity electrochemical probe,high accuracy,fast response,strong stability,probe measurement accuracy not more than±5%;②High-precision probe,accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity:the temperature and humidity controller is configured to monitor the relative temperature and humidity in the cabinet in real time,and the measured value can be set by itself.If the temperature and humidity in the cabinet exceed the set measured value,the alarm prompt will be given immediately,and the fan will start up until it is lower than the set value,and the fan will stop running or run at low speed;

13.Equipped with grounding device to realize complete grounding;

14.Description and identification inside and outside the cabinet during packing.

Software part of corrosive chemical reagent cabinet:

1.Intelligent control system:It can monitor the basic information of reagent,temperature and humidity,and the occupancy rate of storage space in real time,and can display it intuitively with graphics;

2.Automatic identification function,identifying the basic information of reagent,including reagent name,etc;

3.Automatic weighing;

4.RFID radiofrequency positioning:bind reagent information with radiofrequency label,automatically locate reagent location,and automatically identify inbound and outbound status;

5.Intelligent early warning system:It can monitor and manage the cabinet's networking status,cabinet door status,fan status,temperature and humidity,gas,liquid,and cabinet occupancy rate 24 hours a day.Intelligent prompt,intelligent early warning,and early warning prompt can be bound to mobile APP

6.Issue/receipt record query:supports viewing the current inventory record,receipt record and issue record.After the issue is successful,you can query the reagent issue record;

7.Intelligent identification:The cabinet door can be opened by brushing face,scanning code,fingerprint,electronic password and other methods to select the reagent for direct delivery;

8.Locks:mechanical anti-theft lock+electronic code lock,realizing double lock management;

9.Internal circulation deodorization:fully closed internal circulation self-purification system,special activated carbon efficient adsorption filter layer,multiple filtration;

10.Inventory management:The system supports the background view of chemical inventory details,which may include data such as chemicals warehousing,collecting,returning,voiding,loss reporting,recovery,etc;

11.Inventory statistics:the system supports the view of chemical inventory statistics in the background and the export of Excel tables;

12.Mobile terminal binding:it can be bound to mobile APP,and the basic information of reagent cabinet can be viewed on the mobile terminal.

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